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Design & Development

The first step in turning your idea into reality. Choosing the right design partner is one of the most critical decisions you will make. Our highly skilled and experienced engineers can advise you on the best technical and manufacturing solution for your product concept or revision. Each design can be tailored to take into account cost optimisation and obsolescence management.

Whether you require a specialised one off device, a new design for serial production or an improvement of your product, our hardware designers can help you with experience in a wide range of microprocessor based systems as well as discrete logic, FPGA and analogue electronics. We employ the latest CAD tools for schematic capture, circuit simulation and layout as appropriate.

The right hardware design is essential for minimizing product cost, maximizing reliability and optimizing manufacturability. We have the skills necessary to trade off product performance, unit cost and engineering investment as we tailor your design to the specific requirements of your market. Using our established ties with board fabrication and assembly subcontractors, we will guide your design through its initial prototyping and debug phase. Finally, we’ll work closely with your preferred contract manufacturer to ensure a smooth handoff.


A prototype is generally used to evaluate a new design, it is needed quickly, and will likely as not be up-issued several times before production. Depending on complexity and component supply, we can either instantly hand build a working prototype on a stripboard or assemble a PCB in as little as 10 days.

All you have to do is provide us with the requirements, then you can leave us to take responsibility of delivering your first prototype. A well made sample is a great asset. It will be representative of a production PCB and enable you to test it in real world conditions with your customers and iron out early stage problems. Investing in our rapid prototype service gets you a fully working prototype quickly, saves you time communicating with PCB manufacturers and component suppliers and provides you with a great opportunity to keep ahead of your competitors.


Our PCB layout service directly address the design challenges in today's high-performance electronic devices. We will work to your specifications ensuring that the PCB layout matches all requirements so that your product can speed its way to market with reduced development cost.

Our CAD package can export PCBs to any 3D formats for integration into industrial design tools such that mechanical constraints can be virtually checked against the housing before manufacturing.

Spark Electronics recognizes the necessity of effective PCB layout and has tailored expertise offered to address critical factors that effect your product. Factors such as signal integrity, controlled impedance, matched lengths, crosstalk, noise coupling, Design For Manufacturability, Design For Test, EMC-EMI, thermal stress and mechanical considerations.

We believe that a precise and meticulous approach to PCB layout is the best way to guarantee top quality. That is why every single design is engineered applying the same philosophy: One Man, One Layout. Upon completion, the whole design is then subject to stringent peer reviews and zero-defect checklist.

New Product Introduction Process

Spark Electronics can provide advice to help accelerate your product into manufacture and take full advantage of immediate cost and time savings. We make sure that the final product is right first time, delivered on schedule, cost optimised and manufactured at the highest quality.

  • Lead time

    Initial meeting to discuss and agree on the expected lead time and present you the workflow.

  • Quotes

    We follow up quotes to ensure goods are delivered with no surprises.

  • Approval

    Upon acceptance, we work with our client to formalise and sign an agreement which outlines terms & conditions.

  • Prototype

    A fully functional prototype will be delivered to your doorstep in no time thanks to our proven prototyping capabilities.

  • Feedback

    During this stage we will work close together with our customer and enhance our design for production.

  • Launch

    We will offer to visit our customer site to ensure production process is optimised to lower costs and boost quality.


How Hard is it to Pass?

This is the jackpot question and the answer really depends on your product architecture, PCB layout and how strict the limits are. We have seen radiated emissions failures from products as simple as a 25 MHz, single microprocessor unit, mostly due to poor PCB stack-up and inadequate layout. We have also multi-gigahertz computers sail through emissions testing on the first pass.

Passing EMC testing first time around comes down to good understanding of the problem, proper preparation and the skill of the design engineers.

Spark Electronics can assist you to meet industry standards. We will take your device to our partner testing facilities and perform pre-compliance through to fully UKAS accredited compliance. Investigations into the possible causes of failures will be carried out on site and prompt modifications to the PCB will be implement if necessary or suggestions will be offered regarding corrective action.

Our engineers are experienced both in testing and in finding solutions where remedial work is required. Our philosophy is to support your business in order to meet your regulatory obligations and minimise risk.


Spark Electronics offers complete FPGA and CPLD design, simulation and programming services. Our experience enables us to design the most simple yet functional FPGA solution that best fits our customers’ needs. Selecting an appropriate FPGA family for your project can be a daunting task, and a mistake could put your work at risk. Let us assist you select the right device and size it correctly for your project.

We always deliver fully documented code in VHDL, along with test benches and simulation results. We are experts in using Xilinx, Actel/Microsemi, Lattice, Altera devices and their respective development tools.

Product Test

A functional product test is the final process that the PCB go through before they are dispatched to the customer. We have the capability to programme on-board devices and allow you to supply your own test rig and procedure. Alternatively, we can develop a test process for your PCB and cover the required level of detail.

If a board fails, it will be held by our engineers and repaired ensuring that the PCB is in full working order before it is released. Whatever your needs, Spark Electronics can aid you to come up with a solution.


A problem that looks simple can often become a nightmare. It can be the PCB that has a defect or the circuit not logically correct. Either way, it can take weeks to find the bug.

Solving electronic problems is what Spark Electronics do every single day. We have the right knowledge and experience to help you overcome your obstacle. With our wide exposure in dealing with everything that concerns electronics, we are able to present you various solutions that can help you in getting things rolling.

We are passionate about what we do! Get in touch for a free initial assessment.