We put our customers first, We strive for perfection, We build relationships


About Spark Electronics

Our services are all about you, the client, but we appreciate you might like to know a little about us! Spark Electronics has been providing businesses with electronics engineering services throughout the UK with a strong connection to commercial and industrial clients around the South West and South Wales. Our ongoing success depends on building long-term relationships with clients who are delighted with the results we deliver.

Our philosophy is not to produce short-term fixes but to provide long-term solutions and value for money, which we build into our quality designs. We are not merely experts in our technical field, we also know how to interrogate your needs and capture critical product requirements. What we engineer is never second best, and what have designed is never good enough.

Outsource Engineering

Many of the world’s most competitive firms turn to contract engineering services to meet their needs. This is true for companies with no in-house engineering as well as companies with extensive in-house expertise. Spark Electronics works regularly with both.

We can design finished products or critical subsystems and transition them to production more efficiently than in-house teams. In short, Spark Electronics provides surge capacity and flexibility that clients require when they are developing complex systems under aggressive schedules. This spares you the costs, loss of management focus, and hiring risk associated with recruiting.

Outsourced engineering services afford a quicker time to market and lower overall costs. As a contract engineering services provider, we are exposed to a wide array of different projects and companies, and thus broader set of experiences from which to draw the optimal solution. What makes us unique is the extraordinary support and comprehensive documentation that we supply with every design to facilitate a greater transfer of core knowledge.

If a board has been tested, but it turns out to fail industry standards or it can't be manufactured reliably and repeatedly, at a cost that makes it financially viable, then your product has to go through this process once more. Spark Electronics validate and optimise you product for serial production at the very initial design stage, the earlier we are involved the better.

Our Vision

At Spark Electronics we let our work speak for itself.

There can be no compromise, no short cuts and no half measures. We engineer your product considering each and every eventuality, poor decisions can cost more time later and expense than if we took a little longer analysing the outset.

We proud ourselves on being honest and ethical to everyone we interact with. We know we really are only ever as good as our last job, so each piece of work we deliver has to be outstanding.

We eager to deliver significant business value to our clients through the effective design, selection and deployment of best-in-class solutions and technologies enabling them to expand capital resources more effectively, reduce operating costs and increase overall profitability.


We are always pleased to receive applications from talented people. You must send us your CV, a covering letter explaining why you are interested in joining Spark Electronics and how you will contribute to our company.